EXTRUDA-MOLD® Cable Splicing Machine


Conveyor Cable Splicing Service Features
Superior Strength and Durability

The unique patented Extruda-Mold® Process for splicing conveyor cable has produced remarkable results for several food processing firms for over 40 years. Dramatic increases in total yearly production can be attributed to the superior strength and long lasting characteristics of our high-quality cable and the Splicing Machine manufactured by Cable Conveyor Systems, the actual cable splice can be made to an on-line conveyance system in approximately one hour.

While rapid cable repairs and installation are certainly advantageous, our special Extruda-Mold® Can Cable and splicing technique provides even more valuable features:

→ With a breaking strength of nearly 6000 lbs. the splice maintains 95% of the minimum required breaking strength of the original cable.

→ The special nylon coated stainless steel cable lasts 15 times longer than other nylon coated galvanized cables.

→ Stainless steel cable will not corrode, even on wet line conveying systems.

→ A stronger, thicker wall of nylon resists abrasion and cracking, and can actually increase cable life by 30 times that of other cable.

→ An all steel cable stretches less, resists breaks, and lasts longer.

→ Proven savings, through a lower initial investment, fewer expenditures for cable, and less production downtime due to cable failure.

In tests using the Extruda-Mold® can cable and splicing method in actual production lines for more than five years, plants reported no lost production due to can cable failure. CableConveyor Systems is so confident of the superior performance of their nylon coated cable and splicing techniques, both the cable and splice are guaranteed for a minimum of two years on wet, full can lines and a minimum of four years on dry, empty can operations when proper maintenance is performed on all the components in the can runway system.

The patented Extruda-Mold® Cable Splicing Machines are available for sale or lease and are easily operated by your own personnel. As an Additional service, Cable Conveyor Systems can perform cable slicing in your plant on an appointment basis, as the cable splicing machine is completely portable. Endless loops for your runways can also be supplied for your lines that can accept them.

If a superior conveying system that offers strength, durability, longer life, and proven financial savings interests you, please contact one of our sales and service offices. Please call for pricing.

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