Diverter Gates

Cable Conveyor Systems, Inc. manufactures the Agnew line of diverter gates.
The Agnew line of gates comes in the manual or automatic mode. There are many different styles and functions that have become an industry standard. Each unit is manufactured to the customer's specifications. From diverter gates to can/bottle stops we have a wide selection to choose from.
We have diverter gates that will mount on existing conveyor systems or can be mounted within rod chutes.


Diverter Gate Type 1


Diverter Gate Type 2

Example: The Agnew #3 straight line diverter gate with built in stop. This unit is utilized to handle cans of various sizes. The unit is designed to feed product from a single source to two separate systems. One line being the primary, it will feed this system until it is filled then it will feed a second system. The unit goes back and forth and if both systems are full a stop will engage holding product until either lines opens, where it will then start to feed that line. All units are air operated and can be controlled by photo-eyes or PLC.

These diverter gate units have been used for cans of various sizes, composite containers and plastic bottles.

cables   Diverter gates in customer plant 1

These images show diverter gates installed. This particular project had fifty-one gates when completed.  This area had multiple cable lines running over a labeling area. Each cable line allowed cans to drop down to the appropriate labeler.

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